Photograph by Neil Hammerschlag
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Defining Sustainability

The definition of sustainability is to meet our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Islands and rural communities are being impacted by a string of devastating natural disasters compounded by unsustainable development practices. With fragile economic, social, political, and environmental conditions, substantial lifestyle changes are required to reverse these practices and prepare for the future. It is essential that innovative strategies and sustainable practices emerge quickly.

SAVE THE BLUE is working with experts in the fields of energy, architecture, agriculture, aquaculture, environmental sciences, policy, human health and more. Currently we are building a team that can create a design that is earthquake and hurricane safe as well as self-sustaining and environmentally friendly.

is also documenting these efforts to bring awareness and support to projects thru multiple media outlets including film, television, and print. Through these and other channels including science and education we’re helping to create a sustainable future that identifies, understands, values, and maximizes natural resources.

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